ISC High Performance 2021, Project poster session
Didem Unat, 30 June 2021

oneAPI Developer Summit at ISC, Hands-on session
Aleksandar Ilic, Diogo Marques and Rafael Campos, 23 June 2021
Link for the talk:

50th International Conference on Parallel Processing (ICPP)
Ricardo Nobre, Aleksandar Ilic, Sergio Santander Jiménez and Leonel Sousa, 9-12 August 2021

Euro-Par 2021
Didem Unat, 3 September 2021

Intel oneAPI Developer Summit at International Conference for High Performance Computing, Networking, Storage, and Analysis (SC’21)
Aleksandar Ilic, Diogo Marques, Rafael Campos, Zakhar Matveev, 14 November 2021
Link for the talk:

EuroCC Turkey Seminars
Didem Unat, 27 January 2022
Link for the talk:

SIAM Activity Group on Supercomputing
Didem Unat, 15 February 2023
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Other Presentations
SparCity team memberTitleDate
Didem UnatParCore Lab Graduate Positions, Koç University Information Webinar, Online4 June 2021
Aleksandar IlicParCoreLab Seminars, Koç University, Online4 October 2021
Aleksandar IlicPerformance Tuning with the Roofline Model on GPUs and CPUs, International Conference for High Performance Computing, Networking, Storage, and Analysis (SC’21), Online14 November 2021
Didem UnatRedefining Scalability for Diversely Heterogeneous Architectures (RSDHA), SC’21 Workshop, Online19 November 2021
Arjun ChandraNumerically Stable Deep Learning in Reduced Precision, KUIS AI talk at Koç University, Online28 April 2022
Johannes LangguthML Accelerator Hardware: A Model for Parallel Sparse Computations?, Siam ACDA, Online1 June 2022
Amro Alabsi Aljundi and Kamer KayaDegree-Aware Kernels for Computing Jaccard Weights on GPUs, IEEE International Parallel and Distributed Processing Symposium (IPDPS), Online2 June 2022
Kamer KayaFast and High-Quality Influence Maximization on Multiple GPUs, IEEE International Parallel and Distributed Processing Symposium (IPDPS), Online2 June 2022
Johannes LangguthImplementing Spatio-Temporal Graph Convolutional Networks on Graphcore IPUs, IEEE International Parallel and Distributed Processing Symposium Workshops (IPDPSW), Online2 June 2022
Xing CaiPerformance modeling and analysis of Sparse Computation Workloads, First EuroHPC19 Workshop to Seed and Foster Collaborations Across Europe, Madrid19 September 2022
James TrotterMulti-GPU Code Generation, ParCoreLab Seminars, Online8 December 2022
Johannes LangguthMachine Learning Approaches for Sparse Matrix Vector Optimization, MLOpt 2023, HiPEAC, Toulouse16 January 2023
Miguel GraçaEfficient extraction of Sparse Tensor Features, MLOpt 2023, HiPEAC, Toulouse16 January 2023
Eren YenigülOn Efficient Deep Learning for Epistasis Detection, ML Opt 2023, HiPEAC, Toulouse16 January 2023
Didem UnatML Accelerator Hardware: A New Model For Parallel Sparse Computations?, SIAM Conference, Online27 February 2023
Johannes LangguthSparCity Poster, EuroHPC Summit, Gothenburg20 March 2023
Johannes LangguthHigh Performance Computing using novel AI Hardware in SparCity, EuroHPC Summit, Gothenburg22 March 2023
Johannes LangguthParallel Incremental Clustering Algorithms for Massive Dynamic Graphs, Computing Frontiers, Bologna11 May 2023
Didem UnatISC 2023 Conference – EuroHPC Booth, Hamburg24 May 2023
Didem UnatEuroHPC Collaboration Meeting, Turin6 June 2023
Didem UnatSupercomputing Software in Moore and Beyond, Alvarez/Hopper Event at Lawrance Berkeley National Laboratory, Istanbul15 June 2023
James Trotter and Johannes LangguthSparse matrix reordering for sparse matrix-vector multiplication, Sparse Days 2023, CERFACS, Toulouse19 June 2023
Luk BurchardRAM-based computations for sparse unstructured-mesh computation on massively tiled AI-processors, Sparse Days 2023, CERFACS, Toulouse19 June 2023
James TrotterSparse matrix reordering for matrix-vector multiplication”, Storm Talks at Inria, Bordeaux23 June 2023
Johannes LangguthParallel Incremental Clustering Algorithms for Massive Dynamic Graphs, Dagstuhl Seminar 23331: Recent Trends in Graph Decomposition, Wadern15 August 2023
Johannes LangguthAccelerating Cardiac Electrophysiology Simulations using novel AI Hardware, 10th International Congress on Industrial and Applied Mathematics, Tokyo22 August 2023
Aleksandar IlicBoosting the performance and efficiency of software and hardware designs with Cache-aware Roofline Model”, In the 3rd International Workshop on Performance and Energy-efficiency in Concurrent and Distributed Systems (PECS/EuroPar), Limassol28 August 2023
Johannes LangguthTransitioning Scientific Computations to Novel AI Hardware: the Example of Cardiac Electrophysiology Simulations, Waseda, Tokyo4 September 2023
Didem UnatBreaking Barriers and Building Bridges: Advancing Gender Equality in Academia, EUGAIN Workshop, Trondheim20 September 2023
Didem UnatAn Autonomous Execution Model for GPUs: When CPUs Take a Back Seat, SuperComputing 23 (SC23), Denver13 November 2023
Sergej BreiterModeling Data Locality of Sparse Matrix-Vector Multiplication on the A64FX, SC23, Denver13 November 2023
James TrotterBringing Order to Sparsity: A Sparse Matrix Reordering Study on Multicore CPUs, SC23, Denver14 November 2023
Luk BurchardSpace Efficient Sequence Alignment for SRAM-Based Computing: X-Drop on the Graphcore IPU, SC23, Denver14 November 2023
Didem UnatBoF: High Performance Computing for Environmental and Earth Sciences, SC23, Denver15 November 2023
Aleksandar Ilic and Ricardo NobreHow oneAPI on Intel Xeon CPU Max Series sped up INESC-ID’s bioinformatics application, Intel Software Webinar, Online15 November 2023
Johannes LangguthAI, Misinformation, and Covid 19 Conspiracy Theories, Workshop on Advances in Disinformation Detection (WADD 2023), Stavanger30 November 2023
Johannes LangguthArchitectures, Algorithms, and Applications for Graph Mining and Learning, Dagstuhl Seminar 23491, Scalable Graph Mining and Learning, Wadern7 December 2023
Osman YasalSuperTwin, EuroHPC Projects Shaping Europe’s HPC Landscape, HiPEAC 24, Munich17 January 2024