WP NoDeliverable NoTitleDissemination Level
WP1D1.1Core set of sparse computation featuresPublic
WP1D1.2Prototype of performance and energy modelsPublic
WP1D1.3ML-based prediction modelPublic
WP3D3.1Prototype for the Dynamic Topology Information SystemPublic
WP4D4.1Profiling and instrumentation toolsPublic
WP4D4.2Microbenchmarking toolsPublic
WP5D5.1Initial experience report of the SparCity frameworkConfidential
WP6D6.1Consortium AgreementConfidential
WP6D6.2Innovation PlanConfidential
WP6D6.3First Internal Research and Innovation Progress ReportConfidential
WP6D6.8Collaboration PlanConfidential
WP7D7.1Communication and Dissemination PlanConfidential
WP7D7.2Initial Data Management PlanConfidential
WP7D7.3Initial Communication and Dissemination ReportConfidential
WP7D7.4Sustainability and Exploitation PlanConfidential
WP7D7.5Data Management PlanConfidential
WP6D6.4First Technology Transfer PackageConfidential
WP7D7.61st Workshop about the SparCity framework and the modeling toolsPublic
WP1D1.4Complete performance and energy modelsPublic
WP2D2.2Mixed precision support in SparCity FrameworkPublic
WP5D5.2Mid-term usability report of the SparCity frameworkPublic
WP6D6.5Internal Research and Innovation Progress ReportConfidential
WP7D7.7Periodic Communication and Dissemination ReportConfidential
WP7D7.8Periodic Sustainability and Exploitation ReportConfidential
This list will be continuously updated during the entire duration of the project.